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Cool Roofs – Help the Environment and Your Wallet

Many people are concerned about environmental impact when planning home construction.  The exciting thing about Cool Roof technology is it’s environmentally friendly and helps save on cooling costs in the summer.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) states that there are two key benefits associated with cool roofs which reflect more of the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere The first is that “cool roofs work on the principle of reflecting solar radiation, hence minimizing heat transfer to the interior of the building. through the roof. This is a simple and effective strategy to reduce cooling energy consumption”. A second benefit of roofs reflecting more of the sun’s rays is mitigating the urban heat island effect caused by roofs retaining heat that’s absorbed.

SMC is a certified residential contractor for Malarkey Roofing Products which offers a choice of cool roofing options.
Malarkey’s architectural and 3-tab shingle lines are engineered with cool roof colors and solar reflective granules that reflect the sun’s rays to reduce solar heat entering the home and helping counteract the Urban Heat Island Effect. This supports efforts by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) to increase building energy efficiency and reduce the adverse effects of CO2 emissions.

Their roofing materials are made with an industry leading, sustainable NEX® Polymer Modified Asphalt Technology (PMA). NEX® SBS polymer modified asphalt, the next generation of asphalt shingle technology, specific polymers sourced from repurposed materials are included to enhance performance characteristics of the shingle. The environmental results are significant.

NEX® PMA combines high-grade asphalt (weathering) with advanced polymers (strength, flexibility) and upcycled materials (durability, sustainability) to rubberize the shingle for exceptional all-weather performance, superior granule embedment, and longer product life.