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Get Educated on Hail Damage

Several storms came through Minnesota this year, and many homeowners had legitimate concerns about whether their houses received hail damage. Here are a few things to consider.

Look at More Than Your Roof
Liberty Mutual advises that if you suspect hail damage, you should look for dents in gutters and downspouts, which could be indications of hail impact. Also look for damage to your outdoor air condenser unit, deck, siding, windows, and other painted surfaces for any new dents or dings.

Contact Insurance Immediately
Angie’s List advises that if you suspect your home has been damaged after a hailstorm, contact your insurance company immediately. Delaying a report can cause insurance companies to deny a claim. In addition, leaks could develop causing severe damage to the interior of your home.

Contact Reputable Contractors
The Consumer Insurance Guide says to a professional roofer to look at your roof. Damage is difficult to detect because it may take two or three years before you notice leaks. If that discovery doesn’t come until well after the one-year period in which the policyholder has to file a claim, leading to a denial of the claim referenced above.